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West Wilkes Upcoming Football opinios?

Colonel Mustard

Posted 5:41 pm, 03/06/2020

Tommy Knotts is coming to Wilkes County.


Posted 4:14 pm, 02/13/2020

Carolina Preps is claiming it's some guy from NW Cabarrus who got the job.. they won't say who it is though.

Some guy who played for Ray Barger applied too but I don't think he got it

Go Eagles!

Posted 11:48 am, 02/13/2020

It is hard to keep a great coach in a place like Wilkes County. Their best bet would be to hire a man that is not from this area. As far West Wilkes goes in the 2020 season what kind of season they have will be determined by how much work the kids are willing to put forward in the weight room during.


Posted 6:27 am, 02/11/2020

They sure are dragging their feet


Posted 8:01 pm, 02/10/2020

Hire Walsh!


Posted 12:20 am, 02/03/2020

Who knows.. the guy who runs Carolina Preps claimed they almost hired Brian Henson from Salisbury a few years back but hard to say if that's true or not. I don't know if a big name coach would ever come over, maybe in 2003 when Shepard quit or in 2008 when Pruitt quit I could see that happening but they were still relevant then.

I heard Johnson missed the deadline for applying but who knows. He'd be perfect for it but timing is everything. That Virginia guy might would work, they need to think outside the box. Who takes it has to be patient they won't win 7 games overnight.


Posted 9:25 pm, 02/01/2020

I was thinking the guy from forbush


Posted 1:57 pm, 02/01/2020

I've heard they are looking at the HC from Alexander Central, but that's not a confirmed answer, and I've heard tale of a guy from Virginia


Posted 9:24 pm, 01/31/2020

who did they hire?


Posted 1:22 pm, 01/31/2020

Any opinions on how West will do this year in football? seems that those kids can't catch a break, between awful seasons and coaches. Just thought I'd ask for any opinions on how they will be this coming year

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