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Posted 6:57 pm, 02/07/2020

So, who's going to be the team to beat this year in the MVAC? In my opinion, WW won't be touched again, EW will finish 2nd, NW will finish strong in 3rd, starmount and wilkes central will battle it out for 4th and ashe, Allegheny and elkin will mix around at the bottom. WW pitching staff has 3 solid arms returning with Ledford, Mastin, and that D***on kid. EW has lambert who will carry them. I think NW will come out of no where this year, they're due. Starmount and wilkes central will be close to equal. WC has Minton on the mound and starmount has dezern. As far as ashe, Allegheny, and elkin I'm not sure who they have but I think it'll just be another wash out for them.


Posted 12:33 pm, 02/04/2020

How old are the people (@blinders especially) posting in this chat?

How old are the players you are chatting about?
How far in your athletic career did you go with your talent?
Are these athletes getting paid and playing on a professional level?
How many years of paid coaching experience do you have?
Are you a parent?
Are you a "good person"? Are you a role model for children? Do you attend church regularly where the people around you commend you for you leadership? Do you strive to make this world a better place? If you can answer yes to these questions then you need to re-evaluate your life, your values and see the example you are setting for others.
THESE ARE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS YOU ARE BASHING. THESE ARE CHILDREN NOT OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE, DRINK, SMOKE, OR SERVE OUR COUNTRY. If you are over 21 and posting about athletes under the age of 21 then get a life, grow up, let go of your failures or shortcomings. Be an adult and come to a game and confront the coach and the parents of these children to their faces. Enlighten the world personally with your wisdom. Stop bullying and bashing behind this screen and stop trying to destroy some of the best years of these young players lives and the game that they clearly love so much.


Posted 11:35 pm, 02/01/2020

I said WW has the most pitching & all but Miles are back & picked them to finish 1st. I'm looking at it completely objectively though.
Player rankings are based on the kids that play Perfect Game tournaments & PBR goes by state games & your payed attendance at their events. Kyle Smith-2019 Catcher from New Hanover signed UNC Drafted 38th rd wasn't ranked after his sophomore year & not in the top 10 half way through his jr year. Players are overlooked or ranked high to early all the time. Church will be a top player this year in conf. for sure. Last year though he was behind Ledford, Miles & Stotler on his own team so Church being co CPOY doesn't make the grade. He has committed D1 but, compare him to the 3 D1 catchers from WW. Zumbrook, Minton & York they stood out as soon as you saw them play as Freshman, just like Skylar. The last 2 years he hasn't, I'm not saying that doesn't change over the next 2 years.
I agree that the Miles kid was a standout, deserved All Conf the year before & if not for Skylar, Miles had POY deserving season last year. Stotler has been top 1 or 2 hitters in all categories in conf for last 2 years definitely. Their dad's are not coaches up there though, I remember them at WWMS but they left that years ago. Aside from Lackey'****ing up as a soph I'll agree Ward plays the best players, I didn't say other wise. Personally I saw 2 seniors that year and could've had Stotler or Miles up, all could play 2b and could hit. Lackey had a great glove though & stepped up the hitting as a jr & sr. But you know every school pads stats, at WW over the last few years though, gms I've seen, the books have favored the coach's kids. A hit given on an error, or no error given on a throw or letting a pop up drop. Those are plays that went in favor of the coach's kid & against their teammate. That's the score keeper not Ward but he has to see it, if not talk to grads from the past 4 or 5 yrs they will tell you. But that isn't the kid's fault or their doing. We at WC pad all our players stats evenly.
Again, I think Ledford will dominate again this year, love watching him PITCH he doesn't just go out & try to blow everyone away and no theatrics. Best control & one the smartest pitchers I've seen in high school. But, the others I mentioned are really good also & it will probably come down to head to head match ups and that should give West the advantage. Take Lambert or Samples from EW & they have no chance. Both those players though + Minton & Brooks (WC) could be sleepers for POY or Pitcher of the Year.
I'm all WC but started going to WW gms more a few yrs ago bc they have had several special groups of kids up there lately and I can't take watching Johnson be called a coach anymore. I'm looking at it without emotion.


Posted 2:13 pm, 02/01/2020

Blinders.....how ignorant can you be! Church is the number five ranked catcher in North Carolina via PBR baseball and Perfect Game. The kid is no where in comparison to any other players in the conference besides Stotler. Church and Stotler earned their postseason awards. This year it will be the same. Stotler and Church will battle it out for POY and Ledford will continue is dominance and will receive his third pitcher of the year award. These boys are stacked deeper than others give them credit. Especially the pitching staff.


Posted 2:05 pm, 02/01/2020

See I didn't come to the 2018 Championship game so I couldn't argue against that, he's a passionate kid for sure. He's probably one of the top bats on the team, I'd confidently say second to Stotler, and he has been for awhile, last year he was top 3. I won't argue with you on Church, to each their own, but I think he's one of their top players and is making a difference on the team. Daddy's ball at west is a myth, yes coaches sons play on the team, but it's not like they aren't the best for that position. Church is a D1 commit, the Miles kid was a phenomenal athlete, the Lackey kid was too, so I understand that's the point of view at west, but people need to truly look into it to see that it's not because their sons play. Coach ward will play the kids that are the best at that position, he's a guy who hates to lose, especially when he can help it.


Posted 5:58 pm, 01/31/2020

I just saw the attitude in 2018 championship game and again last year to the umpire after he was thrown out stealing.maybe those were rare but never saw the other WW players show it. I don't think he's a bad kid just probably gets away with more & we know how the stats at WW favor coach's kids, not just him. That's the WW trademark. The reason I say co-CPOY was a joke, no way he was close to Skylar and from what I saw & heard He was probably the 3 or 4th best bat on his team. I believe he works hard but I would say several of those players do and definitely others hurt us more. Nothing against him he gets on base but Stotler is their Hitter and Ledford is their Arm. This year may be different


Posted 12:55 pm, 01/31/2020

I wouldn't say Church has a bad attitude, maybe I just haven't seen it. But, I know the kid and his family and he's been raised right. As far as his award being a joke, I feel that you are far off sir, he's a hard worker, he leads that team. But I agree, the battle for Conference POTY will be a tough one, but overall, West has a solid pitching dept. that other teams just don't have. Central has a lot going for them, Mastin and that Brooks kid look promising, and so does East, Lambert will dominate this year if his arm is back in it's top shape. Besides that I think this will be a good battle between WW WC and EW


Posted 2:25 am, 01/31/2020

You have WW with the most pitching coming back. WC next, EW & NW 2 solid returns. County teams will dominate an even weaker conference than last year. WW lost Miles at 1b & their 4 whole hitter for the last couple years with basically everybody else back. Ledford has completion from Lambert (EW) & possibly Minton (WC) for pitcher of the year. Stotler is best player in conference, he and Brooks are only hitters to be feared. I know Church was co CPOY but that was a joke, very solid player, he and Howell(EW) even behind the plate/bad attitudes but not scared to face a singles/BB machine unless he's gotten stronger. WC lost Skylar & Johnson up the middle & Adams our top 3 pitchers/hitters. EW returns a good core around Lambert & Stamples they could make a run if the bats step up. 1 WW 2-3 toss up WC, EW 4 NW 5 Starmount 6-7 flip a coin


Posted 10:45 pm, 01/30/2020

All of you are skipping over the best team in the conference and has been for several years. North, Central, East, Starmount, whoever, they don't have the ball players like West does. East has the Lambert kid who is a fantastic pitcher, but besides that, theres not any other standup athletes. West has Church and Ledford who are probably the top players in the county, and not to mention the other players who shouldn't go without mention like Stotler and D***on.


Posted 10:10 am, 12/18/2019

It's okay John Bob!


Posted 9:53 am, 12/18/2019

Im sorry Randle.


Posted 9:40 am, 12/18/2019

Don't trip and fall going to it Boob. LOL!!!!!!


Posted 9:38 am, 12/18/2019

You've really made me mad candle I'm going to have to go take my blood pressure medicine.


Posted 9:31 am, 12/18/2019

You just let me know son cause I will knock you on your tail. Joob Boob.


Posted 9:20 am, 12/18/2019

Your a real A hole..... let me get healed from my hip replacement and kick your butt randle the candle.


Posted 9:17 am, 12/18/2019



Posted 9:15 am, 12/18/2019

Okay, Radell mandle I was trying to be nice now I'm gonna whoop your head. No one talks like that to Johnbob a hole.


Posted 9:14 am, 12/18/2019



Posted 9:13 am, 12/18/2019

Randellrandell I ain't your buddy but meet me at the cookout where the north and central boys got into it while settle this like real men over a big ol milkshake and maybe even a cookout tray.


Posted 9:12 am, 12/18/2019

I hear that Cooter boy is getting looked at by scouts

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